Love & Abundance

The LOVE BORROW Brands collection is a highly and meticulously curated list of vendors, products, and services. Our community is built on the highest levels of integrity, impeccable business acumen, bold creativity, dedication to customer service, community engagement, and spreading love and abundance. At LOVE BORROW we understand how hard you worked to build your company. We are protecting your brand as much as we protect ours. We built a space where you will be proud to associate your business.

We also believe that living is giving. We are constantly looking for ways to uplift and empower our community of entrepreneurs. If you are a razor sharp business wo/man who leads with love and abundance, you’ve found your tribe.

Who We’re Seeking

The LOVE BORROW team is no stranger to large scale events, art direction, event production, and mind-blowing experiences. We understand it takes a special group of experts, creatives, and visionaries to bring a dream to life. We also know that the journey to the event is equally as important as the event itself. If there’s drama, we aren’t having it. We are grateful for the vendors who make this community a reality because they epitomize everything we stand for: impeccable work, flawless execution, bold creativity, and endless fun.

Rebels Welcome

We are ever expanding our LOVE BORROW Brands to include bad ass, fearless creatives who are committed to their customers having the best possible experience and those who want to push boundaries to innovate and disrupt the norm. We are looking for those who will impeccably execute the type of special events our couples dream of for their special day. We welcome recommendations of all companies and brands, ranging from high end, up-and-coming, boutique and everything in between. Our couples have varied tastes, budgets, and aesthetics. We are committed to providing quality brands to our community. Our selection process is rigorous to uphold the integrity of the LOVE BORROW Brands community.

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