What if you could preempt all of those difficult conversations to better understand yourself & your partner?

It’s not about having all the answers. It’s about being in communication.



Being in love is blissful until life gets complicated, which can happen rather quickly. Often it’s the things we don’t say that cause major issues. We all make assumptions about how life “should” go & might assume our partner is on the same page. Preempting & preparing for potentially difficult conversations will help you & your partner (married or not) navigate through uncertain times.


The objective of this tool is to be in conversation about life with your partner. These may be the things you are avoiding talking about or events that never occurred to you. You will not necessarily have all the answers. Being in conversation will support you to better understand each other and ourselves.


This tool is designed for anyone to use. You may discuss this tool as a couple or you may do this on your own to better understand your values and opinions. Just like any article or tool on LOVE BORROW, this is not strictly for married couples. All modern lovers are welcome.


1. Print the next page.
2. Schedule a few hours with your partner to discuss the 20+ questions listed, even if you think they do not apply to you.
3. Share your thoughts, fears, joy, excitement, questions, etc. Disagree. Debate. Be curious. Discuss openly with your partner & listen without judgement.
4. Revisit these questions as you move through major life moments together. This conversation is living & breathing. It will transform & grow, just as you do as a couple & as individuals.

Get the Tool: 20+ Questions

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