Don’t know what you want? You’re not alone…

But it’s time to get what your heart desires.

trust your int neon

When shit hits the fan

Let’s face it: No matter how organized and impeccable you are, when it comes to planning your wedding all common sense and logic typically goes out the window. Why? It’s a major life event loaded with expectations, emotions, and let’s not forget, baggage. Shit will hit the fan.

One of the most difficult questions for any human to answer is, “What do I want?”

It is a refined skill to be able to definitively state what you want and abandon all other options. When you say “yes” to something or someone, you are saying “no” to all other possibilities. This makes most of us very uncomfortable. Now layer on the million little and big decisions you make for your wedding. Stress may go through the roof.

Ultimately you will need to make choices and they are not all yours to make. Your partner, family, friends, and/or community may weigh in. We have developed a tool to help you navigate through the noise and determine what you want and do not want.

The Circle of YES X NO

The purpose of The Circle of YES X NO is to:

  1. Clearly identify what you want & do not want at your wedding or for any life event.
  2. Unearth any assumptions you &/or your partner is making about how things “should” be.
  3. Establish an anchor, especially when the consequences of your choices become challenging. Refer back to this exercise to reaffirm what you want & do not want.

How to use this tool:

  1. Print this document.
  2. Inside the circle, note everything you want. Think big & small. List all of your wishes, dreams, & desires.
  3. Outside the circle, note everything you don’t want. Don’t stop until you’re complete. Need another page? Print one.
  4. Share. Discuss openly with your partner & listen without judgement. If you’re doing this alone, share with a trusted friend or family member.
  5. Make a plan. Once you’re complete with sharing, create an action plan that leaves you both feeling strong & empowered.

Get the Tool: The Circle of Yes or No


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